On-Premise Backup Solutions

Complete protection for servers, desktops, laptops, applications and data

Effortlessly address data protection challenges

Organizations today recognize the benefits of a data protection appliance that bundles software, server processing, storage, and networking into a single, all-in-one solution. The reality, however, is that many appliances deliver nothing more than retrofitted “bundles,” which often limit future scalability and reduce usability.

These organizations require a new breed of technology—a backup and recovery appliance that not only meets modern IT challenges, but makes legacy appliances a thing of the past.

Introducing the SynergyBackup Appliance Series

Cloud Synergy combines proven data protection software with enterprise-grade hardware to deliver the most cost-effective backup and recovery appliances available. And, they're so simple to implement, they can be unboxed and deployed in 15 minutes.

They’re ideal plug-and-play systems for branch and decentralized offices, or as the primary backup, deduplication, disaster recovery, and cloud gateway appliance for organizations whose resources are stretched.

Cost Effective Solution

Low cost high performance data backup appliances for companies of any size.

Completey Scalable

Add compute or storage as you grow your backup solution. Replicate data to other data centers or the cloud.

Fast and Easy Deployment

Deploy and begin backing up data within 15 minutes. Easy to use dashboard makes getting started a breeze.

Extensive Configuration

Customize the backups to fit your continuity needs. Have mulitple policies to match the data you are protecting.

Cloud backup and recovery appliance

Backup and recovery appliances built for the cloud

Architected with cloud-native capabilities, the SynergyBackup Appliance series goes well beyond traditional backup and recovery appliance functionality. With WAN-optimized replication to MSPs, the Cloud Synergy Cloud, and private and public cloud services, including Amazon, Azure, Google, Openstack, and Rackspace, you'll choose where to send your data—simplifying your disaster recovery plans.

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