SynergyBackup for Endpoint Protection

Perhaps one of the least-expected IT revolutions is the decentralization of data
among endpoint devices. An effective corporate data protection strategy begins
at the endpoint. Keep your device data safe with Cloud Synergy!

According to a 2010 Ponemon Institute study, the average total cost per data breach has risen to $7.2 million.   Read More

Growing threats to data on edge of the network

If you’re not centrally backing up and securing your endpoint data, it’s at risk of being lost, deleted, stolen or held for ransom — potentially jeopardizing your reputation and your business. Manually searching endpoints for sensitive data leaks won’t cut it, because it can’t be done without impacting or involving end users — making it difficult to extend compliance and eDiscovery efforts.

Endpoint Data Protection

Enterprise desktop and laptop data — protected and controlled

With SynergyBackup you can protect and secure end-user data to mitigate risk from any number of threats. You can also regain visibility and control over endpoint and cloud file-share data for compliance and litigation purposes — all from a single solution. In addition, you’ll improve productivity for end users and IT through self-service, collaboration, secure file-sharing and real-time mobile access.

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