Disaster Recovery Made Simple!

The cloud, combined with our experienced engineering team, make disaster recovery
easier than ever. We work to understand the DNA of your organization and deliver
a fail-safe plan to recover your infrastructure in the event of a business outage.

The cost of losing critical applications has been estimated by experts at more than $5,000 per minute.   10 DR Tips for Business

What is it?

Cloud Synergy Disaster Recovery is a hybrid cloud disaster recovery as a service that helps mitigate the downtime caused by server crashes, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters.

Ransomware Mitigation

Don’t pay the ransom. Quickly recover operations by restoring a clean, uninfected version of your files, applications and systems.

Unlimited DR Testing

With Cloud Synergy, say goodbye to formal declarations of disasters. Now, you can test with impunity with push-button ease and unlimited DR testing.

Protected Systems

Cloud Synergy protects all of your data from physical and virtualized environments, Windows, Linux, Unix, VMware and Hyper-V.

Hybrid & Cloud Options

Cloud Synergy Disaster Recovery supports both hybrid cloud (local appliance + cloud) and cloud-only approaches in a unified DRaaS solution.

Cloud Synergy DRaaS is packed with many features that make building your data protection strategy simple and secure.   See More Features
DataShield Cloud

Backup and recovery the easy way

Boot on the Appliance or in the Cloud:

You can failover a single virtual machine (VM), applications, servers or a whole network locally or in the cloud in minutes at no extra charge.

Rapid Failover:

Bring you business back to life in minutes with less hardware, complexity, and training costs.

Physical & Virtual Appliance:

Deploy our DRaaS solution as physical appliances in your server room or as a virtual appliance in your virtual environment.

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