Cloud Storage vs Cloud Backup

By Will J.

March 31, 2018

One very common mix up among cloud users is understanding the difference between cloud storage and cloud backup. This may be confusing for some people, but don’t worry, that’s why we are here; to discuss and clear up any confusion. Cloud storage is basically a storage container in the cloud for computers and smart phones.

In many cases it is simply just a folder that replicates its contents to cloud storage. Cloud storage is typically a premium service, billed on a monthly or annual cycle, based on overall storage consumption.

Cloud back up, on the other hand, is the actual back up and secure storage of your computers files. Most of the time cloud backups are a point in time archive of your data. Backups can often vary based on your data retention needs. Cloud storage and cloud backups are often confused for one another although the features for both are very different.

How Cloud Backups Are Different

Cloud storage alone does not protect your files from ransomware. Files compromised by ransomware and synced to cloud storage will overwrite your stored data, thus infecting your files. If you aren't backing up your files they are at risk. With point in time cloud backup, a compromised file can be restored to minutes before it was infected.

With file versioning you can backup several versions of a file. This means that every time you backup a file that has been modified, a new version is created. If ransomware is detected during the backup process those files will not be backed up to the cloud. If this happens your data is safe as your files are not overwritten.

To Sum Things Up

Cloud storage and cloud backup are two totally different yet very effective services. If your files are important enough to store, they are important enough to protect. For optimum protection, backing up your files with SynergyBackup (formerly DataShield) is the best solution.


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